Anna Szerb


PhD Candidate, Strategy Department, INSEAD



I am a PhD Candidate in Strategic Management at INSEAD (France). I am on the academic job market in 2023-2024.

Keywords:  sustainability, corporate social impact, human capital, experiments, text analysis

My dissertation focuses on corporate social impact, specifically the motivational outcomes of corporate social actions for employees. Please see my Research page for more information.

I am also actively involved in research in South Africa, working with a social franchise called Unjani Clinics. My work on how Unjani's innovative organization design enables it to address one of the greatest societal challenges in the country, i.e., access to essential healthcare services, has been published in the Journal of Organization Design and INSEAD Knowledge

Furthermore, I'm conducting research into the evolution of innovation ecosystems within the sustainability space. Specifically, I'm investigating the different roles firms can play in the solar photovoltaic industry and how it influences their survival prospects. My Research page has more details on this stream of research as well.